Anthropogenic 1 (2015)

A sonic forest environment that adapts to human presence

Opens Aug 28, 2015 at the Hand Art Center, DeLand, FL


Music for Large Array of Car Speakers at a Drive-in Theater (2015)

fixed media | 8′ | premiered at TRAFFIC JAM, Austin, TX


SHORT LONG (2014) | open instrumentation and electronics | ~15′

an improvisatory work for instruments and Max/MSP


Faux Fur (2015) | fixed media | 30′

sound score for choreography by Kathy Wasik.


Perception Unfolds (2014) | continuous surround sound

electronic score for new multimedia installation by Deborah Hay


Environmental Rhythm Etude No. 1 (2013) | fixed media | 7′

cicada rhythms and granular synthesis


Triptych | mixed quartet and live electronics (2013) | 30′

commissioned by the Fountain City Ensemble


Irregular Solids (2013) | live electronics and dance | 35′

sound score for choreography by Kathy Wasik


Lissajous (2012) | vibraphone and electronics

an interactive electro-acoustic piece inspired by Lissajous curves

commissioned by Adam Groh


White Noise (2012) | eight-channel fixed media

an experiment in filtered noise

for dance (choreography by Caitlin Poulton)


Sewn (2012) | percussion trio and electronics

a spatial study for three sets of claves

commissioned by line upon line percussion


Flying Fish (2011) | violin, trombone, and electronics

a sonic impression of “flying fish” fireworks

commissioned by Molly Emerman and Steve Parker

to be featured in a new film by Alison O’Daniel


For Candles (2011) | for dripping candles and electronics

drip-metronomes give way to a waxen chorale

available as an installation or performance piece


My Parents’ Phone Number (2010) | rotary phone & electronics

obsolete technology repurposed as augmented percussion


Inventions and Interludes in Iron (2008) | stereo fixed media

Nine etudes on a set of rusty iron turnstiles in Houston