Insomnia and Other Songs (2015, in progress)

for soprano and string quintet

text by Cornelius Eady

commissioned by Castle of Our Skins

nana (2014)

for clarinet and marimba

commissioned by Sarunas Jankauskas


Weevil (2012)

for alto sax, bassoon, vibraphone, violin and viola

commissioned by the East Coast Contemporary Ensemble


Three Eady Songs (2012)

for mezzo-soprano and piano

text by Cornelius Eady

written for the Virginia Arts Festival Duffy Composers Institute


A Way Home (2010, r. 2011)

a bilingual opera for young audiences

commissioned by Houston Grand Opera, 2010

orchestrated revision commissioned by Opera Southwest, 2011


Dancing as may be credible (2009, r. 2010)

for clarinet, cello and piano

Around, Awry (2010)

for flute and organ

commissioned by Francois Minaux


A Mouthful of Gravel (and other predicaments) (2009)

for chamber orchestra

written for the Shepherd School Chamber Orchestra


Aerial Ballet (2009)

for solo violoncello

written for the European-American Musical Alliance


Three Experiments for Pianist (2008)

for solo piano and other items


The mind is like a monkey, swinging from branch to branch through the forest. (2007, r. 2009)

for mixed sextet (Pierrot-ish ensemble)

written for Speculum Musicae (in residence at Rice University)


Danse Genoux (2006)

for woodwind quintet